Water solo climbing

Calvi L'ile Rousse

A new and unique activity in Corsica: “Deep water solo” climbing.

Level : Beginner to expert, ages 12 and above

Location : Secret spot!

Duration : Half-day, 2-3 hours of activity

Departure : 8am – Return: 12.30pm

Shuttle meeting point : Calvi

This activity has been a favourite of experienced climbers for decades, but we have now adapted it to suit all levels, organised in small groups and guided by a highly experienced instructor in a safe environment.

Calvi L'ile Rousse

Climbing without a rope above the water!?

‘Deep water solo’ means that we climb solo (with no rope) on rocks overhanging deep water, which is much more forgiving if you fall!
We start by getting everyone into the right size climbing shoes, going over some safety rules (how to fall safely into the water) and some guiding principles for conserving your energy when climbing.
At first everyone falls in quite quickly, but then you get used to it and begin to trust yourself, relax, and in the end surprise yourself!
Yes!!! You will get to the top!

Calvi L'ile Rousse

For climbers of all levels

We have selected the best spots on the river, which have several routes at different levels in the same place. This means that at each spot everyone can climb together for half an hour, each at their own level, before walking a little further down the riverbed to the next spot!
To really get the most out of the site you would ideally already be climbing level 5 or 6 cliff routes, but the activity is suitable for everyone!
Even if you don’t feel like pushing your limits to the extreme, you can still book and come with your group to enjoy the beautiful location, swimming in the river and some rock jumps along the way.
The best thing about this secret spot is the water quality and the breathtaking scenery!

Escalade deep water solo

The Water Solo Climbing river trip in more detail:

What to bring:

-A bathing suit
-Suncream / sunscreen
-Trainers (sneakers)
-Water and a snack (energy bars are good).

Equipment provided:

-Climbing shoes
-Protective helmet

Free minibus shuttle:

From Calvi, up to 8 places available.

Price :

€60 per person (reduced to €55 for bookings of 4 people or more.)

06 33 91 13 68

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