Who are we ?

Native to this valley, he is the original Balagne canyoning guide. As a true devotee of the culture and history of the Corsican land he has been surveying it and helping others to discover the secrets of the island’s mountains for more than 30 years. A canyoning guide and representative of the National Union of Mountain and Trekking Guides in Corsica, Claude is an authentic local character, still driven by the desire to share his passions.

It’s a few years since Sam fell in love with the island , and as a young father has founded his family here. He discovered climbing as a teenager, in his native Provence, and today he is living his passion for nature to the maximum. A real mountain fox, he is always found roaming the hills and valleys of Balagne, walking, snowboarding, cycling, swimming… Highly qualified in climbing and canyoning, Sam is an expert on rope sports in natural environments. He is our permanent instructor, here all year round to help you share moments in magical surroundings.


Growing up in the forest of Bonifatu, he naturally used the trails opened by his father to go higher still. He then went on to achieve his highest honour by becoming a mountain guide. Jean Baptiste is also a carpenter and sculptor; from wood to stone, snow and water, he creates in all the elements. With his lifelong knowledge of the hidden treasures of the island, he’ll take you to discover the unique Corsican mountains.


A qualified physiotherapist, Shervin discovered his love for climbing and canyoning – as well as all other sports – early in life. A natural teacher with a zen practice and presence, he came up as a sports instructor before his interest in healing led him to his physiotherapy master degree. His love of nature and the deep tranquility of the spaces where rocks meet water brought him to Corsica, where he has been a canyoning and climbing instructor for more than 10 years.