Bouldering in Calvi / L’Ile Rousse

Bloc en borde de mer

Looking for a climbing gym? We have better to propose!

Level : Beginner to expert, from ages 7 and above
Location : Secret spot!
Duration : Half-day, 2-3 hours of activity
Schedules: 8:00am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-6.00pm
Shuttle meeting point : Calvi or Ile Rousse

These bouldering gyms are growing everywhere in France, we propose a”wild version” in natural sites, on the see shore or by a river!

These deep water solo trips are guided by a expert pro, with adapted gears in a secured spot.

Escalade Bloc près de Calvi

See shore bouldering / Deep water solo

Rockclimbing with no rope on a seeshore cliff on the amazing pink granite 15 min from Calvi!

We selected many boulders above water in an amazing spot far from the beach crowds

Bloc au dessus de la mer

After a safety briefing to train how to fall and jump in water, and the first principles to save energy rockclimbing, we will start with easy boulders

Calvi Bloc
Bloc au dessus de la mer

Then, we can go for harder routes, adapted to each and everyone of you. We have many options on different clives, going until 8m high boulders!

Bloc Calvi Ile Rousse
Boulders above see

Bouldering above a river near Calvi

Water soloing, climbing and jumping in a river bed, it’s possible!

We have selected the bests spots in a river nearby, with many routes with differents levels and grades around the same pool. We can rockclimb together, even with people withg differents levels and experiences, before we walk in the river bed until the next spot.

The ideal is to rockclimb in the 5th degree( french cotation) but it’s open to everyone!

Bloc en rivière

It’s also possible to book only to follow the climbers group and enjoy the swim and the jumps along the parcours.

Bloc à Calvi
River boulder

The highligh of this secret spot is the purity of water and the amazing landscape!

Rockclimbing, water solo, bouldering – trip details

What to bring

-A bathing suit
-Suncream / sunscreen
-Trainers (sneakers)
-Water and a snack (energy bars are good).

Equipment provided:

-Climbing shoes
-Protective helmet

Free minibus shuttle:

From Calvi, up to 8 places available.


€55 per person (reduced to €50 for bookings of 4 people or more.)

06 33 91 13 68

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