Canyoning in the Melaghia

A wild canyon in the middle of the forest

Level : Mid-range, athletic, ages 12 and above
Location : Forest of Bonifatu, Regional Natural Park
Duration : Half-day, 3h of activity, 45 min walk to start, 20 min walk back
Departure : 1.30pm – Return: 6.30pm

Shuttle meeting point : Calvi

Mountain canyoning in the gorges of Mélaghia

Abseiling, waterslides, ziplines, slacklines and jumps follow one after another in extravagant surroundings, far from crowds of tourists.
This hidden gem holds a privileged position: it brings together almost all the different types of obstacles that we encounter in canyoning, it is in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by cliffs reaching peaks of more than 2300m, and not many people go there, meaning it is a chance to truly appreciate an excursion deep into nature

Canyoning Melaghia Calvi

A chance to experience Canyoning in a natural park!

After leaving the carpark, we enter the Haute-Course Regional Nature Reserve. The track, and then the path, lead through the heart of an ancient forest where we will see plants and perhaps animal life that are found only here in this area. This makes it particularly important to obey a few strict rules. It is forbidden to make fire (word to the wise – that means no smoking!), to stray from the designated paths and to pick certain species of protected plants. On the other hand, it also has huge plus points! We are in the heart of the Bonifatu Massif, far from roads and houses, surrounded by stunning scenery, a few hours’ walk of the GR20.
Balagne Mountain Adventures works together with the National Forestry Board (ONF) which manages the park, and Claude Castellani, our original guide and point of contact, is also part of the Corsican Regional Park group. Therefore all of our activities respect the three values for sustainable development of the Corsican Regional Park:
• The territory
• Preserving the environment 
• The human dimension

Canyoning Melaghia Calvi

Canyoning in the Melaghia in more detail

Best time:

April to mid-July. After this, water starts coming under under the rocks in the first half of the canyon. The canyon is still doable but there is less water in the first three waterfalls.

What to bring:

– Swimwear (bathing suit)
– Suncream (sunblock)
– Trainers (sneakers) or walking shoes
– A picnic and an extra snack (energy bar)
– One litre of water

Equipment provided:

– Helmet and harness
– 5mm wetsuit

Free minibus shuttle :

From Calvi, up to 8 places available.

Price :

€60 per person (reduced to €55 for bookings of 4 people or more.)

Canyoning Melaghia Calvi

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