Marine Canyoning – Coasteering

Marine Canyoning, a new activity between the mountain and the sea

Level : Ages 12 and above

Location : Calvi, Haute-Corse

Duration : Half day, 2h30 of activity, 10 min walk to start, 5 min walk back

Morning departure : 8am – Return: 12.00 midday . Afternoon departure: 1.30pm – Return: 5.30 pm

Shuttle meeting point : Calvi

We want to bring you to see the Corsican coastline, where sea and mountains meet and mingle in spectacular vistas. So this year we are offering a new activity, originally from our British friends – Coasteering.

The programme:

  • Just like canyoning, we move through a vertical environment with all the same equipment (harness, helmets, etc …).
  • Multiple jumps from 1 to 10m high (optional).
  • A giant zipline finishing in the sea.
  • Abseil descents and crossing the cliff with ropes.
  • Discover a wild yet wonderfully protected nature reserve, 15 minutes’ drive from Calvi, with free minibus shuttle.

Marine canyoning in more detail

At certain spots in Balagne, the Corsican mountain range drops directly into the warm waters of the Mediterranean.
The Revellata is one of these majestic sites where everything falls steeply away, a perfect setting for lovers of rocky coves – and photography.
Only in Corsica, treat yourself to Coasteering; come immerse yourself in the coastal ecosystem as you swim, climb, and discover a secret universe.
This is an old sport in Wales. We have just adapted it to our practice spot, where it’s a few degrees warmer and sunnier.

What to bring:

– A bathing suit
– Suncream (sunblock)
– Trainers (sneakers)
– A snack (energy bars are good)
– A litre of water
– A digital storage device (USB key/memory card) to collect the free photos of your trip

Equipment provided:

– Helmet and harness
– Shorty wetsuit

Free minibus shuttle :

From Calvi, up to 8 places available.

Price :

€60 per person (reduced to €55 for bookings of 4 people or more.)

06 33 91 13 68

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