Long route Rock climbing

Escalade Longues Voies montagne

Level : Intermediate to expert, ages 12 and above, 1 or 2 persons per guide
Locations : Forest of Bonifatu Regional Natural Park / center Corsica
Duration : Half-day or full day
Times : 8am-12.30pm or 1:30pm-6pm or 8am-4pm
Shuttlemeeting point : Calvi
Prices : on demand

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Rock climbing long routes

Long route climbing in more detail

The concept is simple: when the height of the cliff exceeds the length of the rope (40 to 50m), it is called a “long route”, requiring multiple pitches. This makes it possible to climb cliffs of several hundred metres using intermediate belays.
Our offering includes several equipped long routes of around 130m, made in 4 to 5 pitches, at different levels of difficulty. We descend abseiling. You can choose to lead the route or let your guide lead and stay in 2nd.

Rock climbing - multipitch routes

Climbing in the forest of Bonifatu, a heritage-protected wilderness.

Located in the heart of the Corsican Natural Regional Park, the forest of Bonifatu is a fantastic playground for mountain activities, though it remains a fragile environment. Indeed, Balagne’s famous high winds (like the Libecciu) increase the risk of forest fires in this wild area, and so access may sometimes be  prohibited.

At the confluence of two rivers, the Figarella and the Melaghia, this richly biodiverse area offers a great range of activities for nature-lovers, including short and long treks (access to the Carrozzu and Ortu di u Piobbu shelters of the GR20 route), canyoning in the Melaghia, climbing along the river and long route climbing! These high cliffs (100 to 140m) offer a nice variety of routes and breathtaking views of the Figarella Valley and the surrounding mountain peaks, reaching over 2300m altitude.

Escalade Longues voies en Montagne au départ de Calvi, en trad ou en équipée

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Rock climbing - multipitch routes