Balagne Montagne Aventure

Balagne Montagne Aventure is a group of state-certified instructors, friends in life and gathered around a common project: to share with you our passion for the Corsican mountain, unusual and secret.

Climb a carved granite wall like nowhere else, descend a canyon of fresh and limpid water, go rubbing at the highest peaks of the island, we accompany you in all your mountain desires.

Respectful of the environment, we prefer groups with reduced numbers as well as the natural sites little frequented.

Our local and multilingual instructors are concerned with pedagogy and human exchange, as well as the level of each participating in the experience is fun and accessible for everyone, safely.

Beautiful landscapes, sensational adventures and good mood are guaranteed!

Do not hesitate to contact us or to meet us.

The whole team of Balagne Montagne Aventure