Mountain activity

Corsica is a mountain in the sea.

It is always difficult, when summer comes, to imagine walking in the snow on this island. Yet every winter the Corsican peaks are covered with snow. We can do the same activities here as in the Alps or the Pyrenees, throughout the season!

Mountain climbing :

Corsica is a paradise for climbers. Cliff-lovers, long-route amateurs and trad aficionados can all find their happy place here.
Accompanied by a mountain guide, you will set off to discover the Corsican peaks via more or less technical routes (depending on your level) which are very rarely visited.
Don’t be put off by how hot it is at the beach; up there, even during a heat wave, you’ll often be climbing in a sweater.

Cross country skiing :

Whizzing down an untouched slope with a view straight out to sea is a classic experience for cross-country skiers in Corsica.
In spring the ski slopes are absolutely magical, and you don’t need to be a high-level skier (2nd star is good enough).
We offer day trips to cross-country circuit tracks or expeditions across the island. All trips are always accompanied by a mountain guide.

Mountaineering :

You probably know about Corsica’s reputation for hiking, particularly the famous GR20 trail. Often thought of as very technical because of its many “scree scramble” sections, in winter it is covered with snow, providing much easier access to many of the peaks. We offer a wide choice of more or less difficult ascents; from the beginner to the seasoned climber, we have something for everyone.

Feel like a mountain escapade? Don’t hesitate to call us – we have lots of ideas and suggestions for you, depending on your level and what you want! You can also check out our guide Jean-Baptiste Castellani’s website:

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