New in 2018

This year we have several new activities based out of Calvi:


Marine Canyoning or Coasteering


Cayoning de mer

Just like canyoning, we move through a vertical rocky environment using the same equipment (harnesses, helmets, etc …), we find a multitude of jumps from 1 to 10m high (optional) and a giant zipline ending in the sea, as well as abseiling and slacklines!


Water solo climbing


Calvi L'ile Rousse



‘Deep water solo’ means we climb solo (with no rope) on rocks overhanging deep water, which is much more forgiving if you fall!


Slackline or high-line


Slack-Line Deep Water Solo 2


Over water or on the beach, beginner-level or high-wire – we offer a “tailor-made” half-day experience for you to have fun slacklining whichever way suits you best!


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